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Climate-smart mobility

Nordic experience-sharing on support and policy instruments for sustainable cities.

Per Eneroth from the municipality of Lund is guiding the group

Representatives from municipalities and governments on regional and national level from all five Nordic countries were gathered in Lund to discuss similarities and differences between policy instruments in the Nordic countries.

Karin Svensson Smith, who is a politician from Lund Municipality and former MP, and Håkan Johansson from the Swedish Transport Administration, made a presentation of the background and the design of the Swedish policy instrument “Stadsmiljöavtal”. Karin and Håkan were both deeply involved in initiating and designing “Stadsmiljöavtalet”.

The new policy instrument was originally influenced by existing attractive public transport systems in Europe. Designing the policy instrument that turned out to be “Stadsmiljöavtalet” was primarily inspired by policy instruments in Norway. During the time when “Stadsmiljöavtalet” was negotiated, increasing the building of housing was an important political issue in Sweden, why this became a necessary part of the agreement.
“Stadsmiljöavtalet” could be an instrument for local politicians to fulfill their targets to reduce emissions from fossil fuels. As a local politician you need both a carrot and a stick”, said Karin Smith.

Tram-project in Lund
The workshop included a study visit guided by Per Eneroth from the municipality of Lund, looking at the new tram being built in Lund. The tram is connecting the city center with Brunnshög, a new developing area northeast from the city center. The tram-project is 5,5 km long.
“This tramway is not a goal in itself, but a driving force for urban development and expansion in Lund”, said Håkan Lockby from the municipality of Lund when introducing the project.

The workshop was carried out by K2 and financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.
“We are grateful for the opportunity to gather representatives from all five Nordic countries for inspiration and to increase the understanding of how to design effective policy instruments”, said Helena Svensson from K2 who organized this workshop.

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