About our research

Our research focuses on five areas of research and development (R & D) and the connections between them. Here you get an overview of ongoing projects. The project are funded by us, but also through external grants and co-financing by the participating parties.

Financing and Governance

  • Innovative financing

  • Efficient governance

  • Contracts

  • Policy instruments for developing public transport

  • Evaluation of E20-contracts

  • Decision-making in The National Negotiation on Housing and Infrastructure - finance and governance

  • Energy efficiency through reduced car traffic in cities - policies, processes and institutions

  • Models of effective measures to increase the share of travel by public transport

  • The commuter trains and regional trains importance to the development of property prices in Västra Götaland

Research leader: Anders Wretstrand, anders.wretstrand@tft.lth.se

Societal Impact

  • Wider Benefits from Public Transport

  • Public Economy of Public Transport

  • ​Framing Mobility in the Just City - the case of bike sharing programs

  • Development of methodology for social impact assessments Swedish transport planning: a trans-disciplinary approach

  • Implementation of the method of equality impact assessment in Swedish transport planning

  • IMPACT-1

Research leader: Désirée Nilsson, desiree.nilsson@mah.se


  • Collaboration in planning and implementation of measures for increased share of public transport

  • Coordination models for sustainable public transport

  • Strategic governance and transition capacity in public transport

  • BRT - an evaluation of four Swedish projects

  • Integrated transport planning between HSR and public transportation (feasibility)

  • Strategic plans for cycling

  • Integrated transport planning between the high-speed, local and regional public transport (feasibility study)

Research leader: Robert Hrelja, robert.hrelja@vti.se


  • Agent-based simulation of public transportation in urban areas

  • Efficient interchanges

  • Information-based disturbance management for public transport ​​​

  • Sustainable Traveling Through Dynamic Public Transportation

Research leader: Paul Davidsson, paul.davidsson@mah.se

Traveller Perspective

  • The role of public transport in passengers' everyday life

  • Travel opportunities in everyday life among the elderly in urban areas

Research leader: Lena Levin, lena.levin@vti.se

Evaluations and other projects

  • Process evaluation - "Stadsmiljöavtalen"

  • Electrification of city transport

  • Threats and violations of train crews and bus drivers

  • A study of bus route in a driving simulator

Smaller K2 projects

• What determines our choice of traveling or not traveling in public transport
• Public transport option and non-use values
• Public transportation, travel patterns and local development in Skåne
• From One Track to All Track - gendered transport politics
• Sustainable Mobility in Swedish Cities: A Comparative International Assessment of Urban Transport Indicators in Sweden's Five Most Populous Urban Regions
• Cutting peaks in traffic - a study of the effects on costs and environment
• Variations in travel by regional trains in time and space
• Consumer Perspectives on sustainable everyday traveling

Strategic Cases

Our Strategic Cases are linked to the metropolitan areas and have been identified in dialogue with Stockholm County Council, Region Västra Götaland and Region Skåne. 

  • Efficient and attractive interchanges

  • Mobility as a service - project: IRIMS (Institutional Frameworks for Integrated Mobility Services in future cities)

  • Regional super buses - projects: Effect Evaluation of Regional super bus, Development and implementation of regional super bus concept, Regional super bus - collaboration as a learning process

For more information about our Strategic cases, please contact our Director John Hultén, john.hulten@k2centrum.se

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