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Contact with people most rewarding for the Education Manager at K2

What do you need to learn and what do you need to know more about, are questions that Helena Svensson, Education Manager at K2, works with. A beneficial part of her work is the contact with researchers and actors in the industry, and how they toghether can develop and learn from each other.

Helena Svensson is Education Manager at K2, which means that she will initiate and plan courses offered by K2. It is mainly about courses for those who work in the collision trafficking sector, but also courses for students and doctoral students.

- There have not been that many courses that have been targeted at public transport in the past. K2 has not been around for so long, so it's important to find out what educational needs that are available. What is it that you need to learn and what do you need to know more about are the issues I'm dealing with.

The courses given are based on the research conducted in K2, says Helena. K2 also works to spread knowledge in other ways. One way to disseminate research results is through larger and smaller seminars and conferences.

- Education activities of K2 are still under construction and the ambition is to offer a number of courses on a regular basis. It is a beginning work that is far from clear and it is very exciting to be involved and develop this, says Helena.

Mobility and travel opportunities are matters that engage

For Helena, there is not much time for doing her own research, but her research area is about the traveler and primarily about the mobility and travel of older people.

- Generally, it is about how travelers want public transport to work and what needs they have.

Helena is a cultural geographer from the beginning, who was already interested in looking at how people in different residential areas traveled and how much they used to travel as a means of transport.

- It made me interested in traffic planning and people's mobility, and started as a PhD student at the Department of Technology and Society at Lund University of Technology, where I studied elders' travel in public transport. I had my doctoral degree in 2003 and after that I have mainly focused on issues about mobility and travel opportunities.

Helena Svensson

Opportunity to develop together

When it comes to Helena's research area that concerns the mobility of older people, she connects how quality of life and good aging are related to being involved in society. There plays the importance of being able to move an important role and how it can affect one's life.

- I think there are exciting questions to consider. Although research is based on the elderly, it is the one that affects us all - how we want to live our lives, how we can live them well and how transport is an important part of this.

What Helena thinks is worthwhile to be Education Manager at K2 is that she has a lot of contact with both researchers and industry actors. To meet a lot of people is something she thinks is really fun.

- It is a lot of give and take. It is not just the research world that can give the industry anything, but in this context, the research also teaches very much of the industry. Gaining what we learned from the research to the industry can lead to a common development, says Helena.

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