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Decisions taken on new K2 projects

In 2017 there will be an ongoing work to develop new research projects that can be carried out within the framework of K2 during the period 2018-2019. Now nine sketches have been selected based on 30 submitted project sketches. These will now be developed into completed project proposals.

On the basis of the evaluation, the Board of Directors of K2 decided on 3 May 2017 on nine project sketches offered to move on to step two.

Project sketches that will go on:

- Procurement, follow-up and competition in public transport: a proposal to increase knowledge for better contract design and passenger transport
Project leader: Andreas Vigren, VTI

- Public transport markets beyond contract: market analysis, public service obligations, procurement and commercial initiatives
Project leader: Alexander Paulsson, VTI

- Impact of public transport - empirical studies of accessibility to equal opportunities in local and regional development
Project leader: Helena Bohman, Malmö University

- How can public transport contribute to accessibility and social justice? A study of the mobility of marginalized groups in Swedish metropolitan areas
Project leader: Jessica Berg, VTI

- Land value transfer as a model for financing public transport infrastructure in Sweden
Project leader: Lina Olsson, Malmö University

- Reinventing public transport in the future of Smart Mobility: Roles, strategies and forms of cooperation to public transport and split mobility should be developed and complement each other
Project leader: Claus Hedegaard-Sörensen, VTI

- “What you see is where you get”: How can traveler's decision-making be supported by a map-based interface based on geotemporal selection in multimodal travelers?
Project leader: Anders Lindström, VTI

- Bus on demand in Sweden? Potential assessment for demand-driven public transport and its implementation
Project leader: Fredrik Pettersson, Lund University

- Public transport and marketing communication: Experimental studies on the impact of multiple motives on travel choices on commuting
Project leader: Johan Jansson, LU

Hard competition

Decisions on completed project proposals are taken by K2's Board on October 9th.

- In principle, all submitted project sketches were very well-formulated and relevant based on K2's research focus. Competition has therefore been tough. I would like to thank all who have contributed in the development of project sketches, says John Hultén, K2's manager.

The project sketches have been evaluated on the basis of scientific quality and relevance in relation to K2's research focus. The assessment has been carried out by K2's international advisors, K2 regional parties and the Swedish Transport Administration, as well as the K2 management team.

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