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"Institutional conditions for integrated mobility services (IMS)"

New report published in K2's Working Paper series: Institutional conditions for integrated Mobility Services (IMS). The report presents a theoretical framework that has been developed with the aim to generate knowledge and policy recommendations for institutional frameworks that promote integrated mobility services (IMS Integrated Mobility Services).

Integrated mobility services are services where the passenger transport needs are met by a service that connects and integrates various (private and public) mobility services by providing a common interface. This type of services is under development in several cities globally, and the research team is interested in how institutions can allow, but also impede, its realization.

The report is authored by Dalia Mukhtar-Landgren, Marianne Karlsson, Till Koglin, Annica Kronsell, Emma Lund, Steven Sarasini, Göran Smith, Jana Sochor and Björn Wendle.

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