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Jeffrey Kenworthy back on K2

Our guest professor Jeffrey Kenworthy is back on K2 for a third and final visit. He devotes his time to exchange knowledge with researchers and he also participates in a research project in which he studies five Swedish cities.

In two weeks, Jeffrey Kenworthy, researcher from Curtin University in Perth Australia and Frankfurt University of Applied Science, will be in place at K2 in Lund.

Earlier, Jeffrey has studied and compared cities and their dependence on the car as a means of transportation. One question that engages Jeffrey is how the dependency of car use can decrease. Right now he is working on a small study of sustainable travel, where he looks at five Swedish cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsingborg and Linköping.

The study extends over a two-year period, and Jeffrey is currently in the process of collecting the data.

- It goes well, but it takes a lot of time to gather meaningful data, compile data and contact different people. I have no results yet. I'm still in the collection phase.

Jeffrey Kenworthy är gästprofessor vid K2 under 2015-2016

Want to develop intensive course

However, it is not because of his study of Swedish cities that Jeffrey is temporarily visiting.

- The main reason why I am visiting Sweden is to meet doctoral students, discuss their research topics and make an effort where necessary. But I will also hold lectures and presentations.

Jeffrey has earlier conducted the three-day course "Sustainable Urban Transport: A Global Perspective with Local Implications" organized by K2. He hopes to be able to keep run the course and develop it:

- I have a thought of internationalizing the perspectives in the course more and marketing and keeping it in Sweden, but also in other Scandinavian countries.