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New international advisory group at K2

In order to imbed the research conducted at K2 in an international context, K2 has recruited a group of highly regarded academics from universities around the world who form K2's international advisory group.

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During next year, K2 will enter a new phase with a partly new research focus. In support of this change, a new international advisory group has been formed with researchers representing a broad experience in public transport studies of various kinds.

The group, whose mission is valid for the period 2020-2024, consists of:
Carrey Curtis, Curtin University
David Banister, Oxford University
Graham Curie, Monash University
Karen Lucas, University of Leeds
Malene Freudendal Pedersen, Aalborg University
and Oded Cats from TU Delft.

“It is very gratifying that internationally highly regarded researchers want to join and contribute to the further development of K2 and the public transport research taking place in Sweden. This international advisory group will be very important for us in our continued work, not least when it comes to advice on long-term strategic direction and international cooperation” says K2's director John Hultén.

At the same time, as new advisors are joining the group, this means that the assignment will now end for the group of international advisors who were associated with K2 during the period 2015-2019.

“I would like to express a big thank you to our international advisors who are now leaving. You have been extremely important during a period when K2 was established as a research organization. I am glad that many of you will continue to be involved in K2's activities, for example within the framework of various research projects” John Hultén continues.

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