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New Research agenda for the next five-year period

A new research agenda for the period 2020-2024 has recently been decided by the K2 Board. It is based on the previous agenda 2015-2019, which was developed in cooperation with public transport actors during the K2 start-up phase.

The new agenda consists of five research areas that aims to contribute to increased knowledge about public transport as a means for sustainable cities and regions:

  • Future mobility - Opportunities and challenges with new digital technologies and the traditional public transport’s interface with new mobility services
  • Market and financing - Management, agreements, pricing and forms of funding for resource efficient and attractive public transport
  • Decisions and effects - Social effects from public transport, increased knowledge about assessment methods and the role of analysis results in decision-making processes for improved goal achievement.
  • Integrated social planning - Public transport design and its integration with land use and other local and regional spatial planning
  • Public transport for all - Public transport's contribution to and impact on accessibility, democracy processes, inclusion and exclusion

A novelty in the research agenda, compared to the previous one, is that the research areas will be analyzed from three perspectives 1) Individuals and groups, 2) Organization and collaboration, and 3) Transport systems and information. Another novelty is that the forms of collaboration between research and practice in K2 projects have been clarified.
During 2019 new research projects will be developed for implementation after 2020-. Projects in K2 must be managed by researchers from one of our research partners (Lund university, Malmö university or VTI), however, other research organizations in Sweden or abroad can also be involved. An invitation for project ideas will be published 31st of January 2019 at the latest. An information meeting will take place January 31st, 10-10.30 in Lund or by Video. Send an e-mail to to register.