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Elias Isaksson is a PhD student at K2 and conducts research on the Urban Environment Agreement. As a political scientist, he would like to look at how the political processes are going and in his dissertation he is interested in how environmental and traffic policy are formulated.

Elias Isaksson is a PhD student at K2 and is currently in a project that aims to evaluate the Urban Environment Agreements. The Urban Environment Agreement is an initiative of the swedish government aimed at promoting sustainable urban environments.

Elias holds a master's degree in Political Science from Lund University and has previously studied the ideology concept and environmental conflicts, including mining industry and Sweden's mineral policy.

Projects conducted by Elias are about making a direct evaluation of the Urban Environment Agreements, but he will also write a dissertation that will affect the Urban Environment Agreements from a scientific perspective.

- As a political project, the Urban Environment Agreement is interesting because it is a relatively new way for the state to control traffic and environmental policy, but it is also very much of a mainstream project when it comes to content.

As a political scientist, Elias's task is to look at the political processes surrounding the Urban Environment Agreement. These can involve relations between politicians and civil servants or how the projects first come into being.

- My dissertation will not be so descriptive in this way, but I'm more interested in how environmental and traffic policy are formulated, how traffic policy comes about or what's in traffic policy. Looking at these aspects from a perspective of power is interesting.

Elias Isaksson är ny doktorand på K2 och ska studera stadsmiljöavtalen Foto. Kennet Ruona

Urban Environment Agreements create opportunities

So far, Elias has conducted a number of interviews and done field work. Research has not generated any direct results yet.

- What one can see, on the other hand, is that it is not so easy that the Urban Environment Agreement creates projects. The projects, such as the tramway in Lund, will not be due to the Urban Environment Agreement. Many times, the projects have had their own lives earlier, and so the Urban Environment Agreement has made it possible to finance and realize the projects. The relationship and causality are therefore not as simple as it may seem.

Who will be able to use your research?

- I do not see my research that way, that is, an individual actor would use it. Those interested in similar projects will be able to use my research, that is the ambition.

Furthermore, Elias explains that the research he undertakes is made to highlight important issues in society and that research is of societal importance. What Elias thinks is fun to research is the responsibility and the immense freedom:

- If I want, I can get acquainted with things that I would never have had time to do. I can really formulate my own problems and try to solve them.