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Unplanned disturbances in public transport – traveler’s information can be improved

K2's Åse Jevinger and Jan Persson have studied how to improve traveler’s information during disturbances in public transport systems. Åse and Jan argue that travelers' experience of unplanned events and stops in public transport systems can be improved if the information they receive to a greater extent is individualized.

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“Information that takes into account the traveler's individual context and needs can increase the attractiveness of public transport and contribute to more people choosing public transport”, says Åse Jevinger.

In order to be able to provide travelers with individually adapted information, there is a need to, among other things, identify which vehicle the passenger is currently on and what alternative public transport solutions are available from upcoming stops.

“Our study shows that there are technical solutions available that can improve today's travel planners for travelers in public transport”, says Jan Persson.

Åse's and Jan's article Potentials of Context-Aware Travel Support during Unplanned Public Transport Disturbances is published in the journal Sustainability.

In the continued work, Åse and Jan are exploring various possibilities for using artificial intelligence in public transport. They plan to organize an open workshop on artificial intelligence in September.

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