Smart mobility requires Smart governance

Smart mobility requires Smart governance

In the coming decades automated and connected vehicles, platforms and sharing economies, as well as individually adapted mobility, will affect how we travel and transport goods. This is often referred to as Smart Mobility. Smart mobility can lead to more sustainable and attractive cities and regions. But this development can also creative new problems. Although Smart Mobility provides opportunities for brand new instruments, it can also lead to the fact that the policy instruments used today are becoming increasingly blunt and ineffective. Smart governance is therefore necessary.

The project will result in useful and useful knowledge to authorities and other actors in Sweden about effective instruments in a future characterized by Smart Mobility. In addition, the project will contribute to the international scientific literature on governance of Smart Mobility.

Project Manager: Claus Hedegaard Sørensen, K2 and VTI,
Parties: VTI, KTH, Trafikverket
Financier: Vinnova
Budget: 3 468 962 SEK
Period: 2017-2020


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