Oslo Urban Arena 2019

Oslo Urban Arena (OUA) is a collective of architects, planners, developers and urban activists from a multidisciplinary background with on a mission to launch a conference, debate and lecture arena every year, on urbanism and urban development from the heart of the center of Oslo.

OUA strives to connect individuals from various backgrounds and disciplines and provides several platforms for them to socialise, exchange ideas and expertise, share experiences and knowledge in the field of urbanism and the interests attached to it. OUA is not only a global platform that is dedicated to encouraging knowledge sharing but also an arena where individuals can collectively debate local and global solutions.

torsdag, september 12, 2019 till fredag, september 13, 2019
Oslo, Norge

Anmäl dig till K2:s nyhetsbrev

Vi bjuder på konkreta och användbara forskningsresultat, aktuell omvärldsbevakning, koll på den senaste kollektivtrafikforskningen samt inbjudningar till fortbildande kurser och föreläsningar. Nyhetsbrevet ges ut cirka tio gånger per år.

Kalender från K2