Research seminar - Success stories in public transport contracting in Sweden

Welcome to a digital K2 research seminar October 5 from 13.00 to 14.15
to discuss the paper:

Success stories in public transport contracting in Sweden
– The whole story?

Swedish public transport has emphasized the importance of ridership growth and customer satisfaction the last decade. This emphasis has led to management philosophies emphasizing the need for both collaboration and incentives. In this study we ask senior management representatives at the regional public transport authorities to nominate particularly successful recent contracts. We then ask for outcome data from these contracts concerning ridership, customer satisfaction, delays, cancelled departures and contract costs. Preliminary findings are that the “successful contracts” deliver strong growth in ridership but also unsustainably high increases in costs. The outcomes in subjective and objective quality are mixed.

Authors are Roger Pyddoke and Karin Thoresson, both VTI, discussant is Wijnand Veeneman, TU Delft.

Sign up by  an email to Claus Hedegaard Sørensen, you will receive a link for participation as well as the draft paper a week in advance.


måndag, oktober 5, 2020