Anna Anund


Anna Anund has a PhD in Medicine from Karolinska Institutet and is associate professor in Traffic medicine at Linköping University. She works at VTI as a research director for the Human factor department.

Anna has a history in applied statistics and performs research on driver sleepiness and traffic safety, but also on child safety especially in relation to school transportation.

She also focuses on applied research concerning design and evaluation of driver support systems, e.g. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), IVIS (In-Vehicle Information System) and vehicles with automated functions, but also infrastructure countermeasures e.g. milled rumble strips.

Anna has been working in several EU projects like Awake, Insafety and Sensation. She works as evaluation manager in the EU project Show and D2F and has been the coordinator of the 7th framework EU project Safeway2school, the EU Horizon project Adas&me. She will be the coordinator of the recently funded EU project Panacea. Anna has been in the management team of K2 and board member of Drive Sweden . Anna is current board member of Mistra Sams.