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New research projects

We continue to add new projects to K2's research portfolio. During the last call for proposals we received 13 proposals for smaller K2 projects, of which four have been approved.

New tramway in Lund - effects for travelers and transport systems
The purpose of this project is to quantitatively analyze travelers' values ​​of various travel time components. The study complements data collection of travel patterns carried out in 2016 and 2017.
Project manager: Ulrik Berggren, Lund University.

Punctual train traffic in metropolitan regions
This project aims to further develop the working method around a new, fast and powerful simulation tool to achieve better punctuality in regional train traffic.
Project manager: Carl-William Palmqvist, Lund University.

A national ticket system for all public transport
This project will increase the understanding of how different actors view combined mobility and their roles in its development, identify which aspects there is agreement or disagreement about and give recommendations for realizing combined mobility in Sweden.
Project manager: Claus Hedegaard Sørensen, VTI.

Complexity of accessibility and multidimensionality
This project aims partly to create an increased understanding of how people with disabilities experience travel by public transport, and partly to identify knowledge gaps that can be translated into relevant research questions.
Project manager: Vanessa Stjernberg, Lund University.

A new opportunity for smaller K2 projects is planned for spring 2021, with a deadline for project proposals on May 15.

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