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Sweden and South Africa on the road towards sustainable mobility

A new platform is being created to provide opportunities for increased collaboration between mobility and safety researchers in South Africa and Sweden.

Mobility enhances urban life and accessibility; the ability to access and benefit from city amenities and opportunities. Making cities more sustainable is a key aspiration reflected in several of the UN 2030 SDGs. Although transportation is necessary it brings many challenges: as fossil fuel dependence, emissions, injuries and deaths, and gives rise to noise and congestion. Safety and equality in public transportation are major concerns.

The public transportation in Sweden is well developed compared to South Africa, but South Africa has made some great additions lately. For example the introduction of BRT-systems and high-speed trains between Cape Town and Johannesburg. Sweden and South Africa are today both facing the same challenges regarding making mobility more sustainable and are thereby in a situation where they can help one and another. In both countries research is carried out, but few connections and research exchanges exist so far. Researchers, companies, research financiers and authorities will now be able to meet and make contact through this new platform.

“By creating lasting relationships between Sweden and South Africa we can encourage development progress. We get to take part in their experiences as well as they can learn from us. In this way more people can take part of the existing knowledge", says the project manager from K2, Johan Janson.

Visit the new platform with an overview of research institutions in Sweden and South Africa working with Sustainable and Safe Mobility.

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