Framtidens integrerade och adaptiva kollektivtrafik

English translation unavailable for Framtidens integrerade och adaptiva kollektivtrafik.

Publications linked to this project

Information flows in Demand Responsive Public Transport: Interactivity, information, and flexibility in a modern ridesharing service

Oscar Askfelt and Karl Hamnebo, Malmö University, Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), spring 2021.

An Individual-based Simulation Approach to Demand Responsive Transport

Sergei Dytckov, Fabian Lorig, Johan Holmgren, Paul Davidsson, and Jan A Persson. Conference paper. 4th International Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems, Virtual Event, December, 2020

Potential Benefits of Demand Responsive Transport in Rural Areas: A Simulation Study in Lolland, Denmark

Sergei Dytckov, Jan A. Persson, Fabian Lorig & Paul Davidsson. Sustainability. March 2022.

Modelling Commuting Activities for the Simulation of Demand Responsive Transport in Rural Areas

Sergei Dytckov, Fabian Lorig, Paul Davidsson, Johan Holmgren and Jan A Persson, International Conference on Vehicle Technology and Intelligent Transport Systems, November 2020