Research seminar – Consequences of corona: for public transport, governance and research

A year of covid-19 has passed. Maybe a vaccine during spring and summer will (re)establish normality and maybe new mutants will continue to challenge society. For transport and mobility the consequences of covid-19 are dramatic, and unprecedented changes in mobility patterns are experienced. Welcome to a researcher seminar focusing on the longer-term consequences of corona for public transport, governance and research. Participants are mostly K2-researchers, and the aim is to discuss and develop new research ideas and questions during and after corona.

Monday 19th of April 2021​


9.30: Check in and possibility for small-talk

10.00: Welcome and introduction to the researcher meeting

10.15: John Hultén (K2) and Elisabeth Lång (VTI): Economic impacts and its long-term consequences for public transport – future scenarios.
The presentation is based on results from the project called: Förändrade förutsättningar för kollektivtrafikens finansiering till följd av Covid-19

10.45: Fika break

11.00: Alexander Paulsson (Lund University): Changed contracts, changed institutions: The beginning of the end of marketized public transport? The presentation is mostly based on work within a project called: Innovation och teknologisk förändring på kollektivtrafikens marknader

11.30: Karin Thoresson (VTI): Corona, transition to sustainable mobility, and governance. The presentation is based on a recently started project called: What can the transition to sustainable mobility learn from the corona crisis? A comparative analysis of policy instruments, communication, and societal threat

12.00: Lunch

12.30: Jonas Eliasson (Linköping University and Swedish Transport Administration): Will we travel less after the pandemic? See more about Jonas

13.00: Fika break

13.15: Lene Tanggaard (Aalborg University, DK): Do crises make us more creative? Reflections on examples of crisis creativity and considerations concerning the conditions for creativity that a crisis establish and how it might impact on the way we are creative? See more about Lene

13.45: Iain Docherty (University of Stirling, UK): Have transport researchers had a good crisis? Doing transport (governance) research differently after COVID. See more about Iain

14.15: Fika break

14.30: Discussion in groups on possible new research problems, -questions and -projects

15.15: Plenum and round-up

15.45: End

Each presentation will be 15 minutes followed by 15 minutes of questions and discussion among the participants. The language of the meeting will be English.

Sign up for the seminar by an email to Claus Hedegaard Sørensen, no later than 15th of April.

måndag, 19 april, 2021