Being innovative, fun, and green? Hedonic and environmental motivations in the use of green innovations

Phil Justice Flores & Johan Jansson. Journal of Marketing Management. February 2022.

This paper seeks to determine the decision-making route relating to hedonic and environmental motivation in green innovation adoption and to show how two similar green innovations can motivate consumers differently. It also aims to determine the effect of domain-specific innovativeness (DSI) on emotions and green identity on environmental motivations. The paper focuses on two types of green transport innovations: shared e-bikes and e-scooters. Four models were tested using structural equation modelling based on survey data from 800 shared e-bike and e-scooter users. The results reveal that the decision to use shared e-bikes follows a cognitive route, while shared e-scooter use follows an affective route. Additionally, findings show that DSI significantly affects positive emotions in the use of both shared microvehicles. However, green identity only impacts the environmental motivations in shared e-bike use.

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