Do basic provisions meet inhabitants’ accessibility needs? (BAS)

Do basic provisions meet inhabitants’ accessibility needs? (BAS)

This project is intended to function as an extension of the ongoing K2 project Tillgänglighet med kollektivtrafiken ur ett transporträttviseperspektiv: Dynamik i tid och rum by providing a survey that will address access to and accessibility by public transport for residents aged 15+ living in tätorter (dense areas) with less than 3000 inhabitants and in rural areas (<200 inhabitants) in the Västra Götaland Region. The aim of the survey is to understand if/what access and accessibility needs are not met by the current basic levels of provision in areas outside the prioritized corridors. Another aim is to understand the importance and perception of the basic level of provision for different groups of users (including knowledge about and use and perception of on-demand PT).

The study will address the following research questions:
1) To what extent do the basic provision levels meet the accessibility needs of residents?

2) What are the shortcomings of a basic level of supply of PT in meeting the users’ access and accessibility needs?

3) How do residents outside the prioritized corridors experience the (basic) supply of public transport?

The results will inform ongoing discussions in policymaking in relation to basic provision and basic accessibility and support decision-making concerning accessibility in rural areas for different groups of residents.

Project manager: 
K2, VTI, Lund University, Malmö University, Technion, Västra Götalandsregionen
348 371 kr
2022 to 2023