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Flexibility in contract design - is that possible?

Carmen Camén, Malin Aldenius, Panagiota Tsaxiri, Helene Lidestam, Research in Transportation Economics, November 2020

Critical challenges in implementing sustainable transport policy in Stockholm and Gothenburg

Fredrik Pettersson, Vanessa Stjernborg, Carey Curtis, Cities, June 2021

The role of environmental requirements in Swedish public procurement of bus transports

Malin Aldenius, Panagiota Tsaxiri, Helene Lidestam, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, February 2021

Governance reaction to the emerging megacity shrinkage in Tokyo: The case of the Tsukuba express transit-suburban region

Eigo Tateichi, Kyoko Takahashi, Taku Nakano, Cities, February 2021

Discrete Event Simulation of Bus Terminals: A Modular Approach with a High Spatial Resolution

Therese Lindberg, Journal of Advanced Transportation, January 2021

Public transport meets smart mobility: Roles and relationships shaping driverless shuttles and MaaS

Kelsey Oldbury, KTH Publication, January 2021

Justice in Regional Transport Planning through the Lens of Iris Marion Young

Chiara Vitrano and Christina Lindkvist, Planning, practice and research, January 2021

Borrowed sizes: A hedonic price approach to the value of network structure in public transport systems

Helena Bohman and Désirée Nilsson, Journal of transport and land use, January 2021