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Artificial intelligence for improving public transport: a mapping study

Åse Jevinger, Chunli Zhao, Jan Persson & Paul Davidsson, Public Transport, July 2023

Delivering Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in low to medium density contexts. Actor relationships and market conditions in smaller Swedish cities

Robert Hrelja & Tom Rye, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, November 2023

Inequalities in access to bike-and-ride opportunities: Findings for the city of Malmö

Zarha Hamidi, doctoral thesis, Malmö University, 2023

En kollektivtrafik för alla – En nulägesbeskrivning av forskning och utvecklingsprojekt inom funktionshinderområdet

Kristofer Hansson, Lena Levin, Gustav Lopez Svensson, Eva Månsson Lexell & Vanessa Stjernborg, K2 Working Paper 2023:8

Modelling and Simulating Demand-Responsive Transport

Sergei Dytckov, Doctoral thesis, Malmö University, 2023

Railway maintenance windows: Discrepancies between planning and practice in Sweden

Daria Ivina & Carl-William Palmqvist, Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, November 2023

Social impact assessments (SIA) in larger infrastructure investments in Sweden; the view of experts and practitioners

Vanessa Stjernborg, Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, September 2023

Factors that make public transport systems attractive: a review of travel preferences and travel mode choices

Jessica Göransson & Henrik Andersson, European Transport Research Review, September 2023