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Spatiotemporal accessibility by public transport and time wealth: Insights from two peripheral neighbourhoods in Malmo, Sweden

Chiara Vitrano & Linnea Mellquist, Time & Society, 2022

Future Public Mobility - The next step for sustainable travel

Rådslaget, 2022.

Samverkan med effekter? Samverkansavtal mellan operatörer och regionala kollektivtrafikmyndigheter – så påverkas resande och kvalitet

Roger Pyddoke och Karin Thoresson, K2 Outreach 2022:1.

The role of meta-governance in public transport systems: A comparison of major urban regions in Denmark and England

Claus Hedegaard Sørensen, Lisa Hansson & Tom Rye. Transport Policy, 2023.

Adopting Mobility-as-a-Service: An empirical analysis of end-users’ experiences

Göran Smith, Jana Sochor, and I.C. MariAnne Karlsson, Travel Behaviour and Society, April 2022

Characteristics of Everyday Leisure Trips by Car in Sweden – Implications for Sustainability Measures

Emma Strömblad, Lena Winslott Hiselius, Lena Smidfelt Rosqvist and Helena Svensson, Promet - Traffic & Transportation, March 2022

Regional public transport — The balancing act of service planning

Joel Hansson, doctoral thesis, Lund University, 2022

Experimentation for sustainable transport? Risks, strengths, and governance implications

Kelsey Oldbury, Karolina Isaksson & Greg Marsden (Eds.), 2022.