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Partnership or franchising to improve bus services in two major English urban regions? An institutional analysis

Tom Rye, Robert Hrelja, Jason Monios, and Clare McTigue, Transport Policy Volume 114, December 2021

Funding public transport under pressure - the case of Amsterdam

Fabio Hirschhorn Zonana, August 2021

Public transport funding under pressure

John Hultén, Claus Hedegaard Sørensen, Elisabeth Lång, Fabio Hirschhorn Zonana and Jens Alm, K2 Working paper 2021:12

Intrapersonal variability in public transport path choice due to changes in service reliability

Ulrik Berggren, Carmelo D´Agostino, Helena Svensson, Karin Brundell-Freij. Transportation July 2021

How the built environment and the railway network can affect the mobility of older people : Analyses of the southern Swedish region of Scania

Rosalia Camporeale, Anders Wretstrand and Magnus Andersson, Research in Transportation Business & Management, March 2019

Appraisal of a regional public transport project: A document and interview analysis on a light rail case in Sweden

Erik Johansson, Anna Anund and Till Koglin, Case Studies on Transport Policy, June 2019

Same, same but different? Neighbourhood effects of accessibility on housing prices

Helena Bohman, Transport Policy, June 2021

Railway network design and regional labour markets in Sweden

Erik Johansson, Rosalia Camporeale and Carl-William Palmqvist, Research in Transportation Economics Volume 83, November 2020