Robert Hrelja
Robert Hrelja
Project manager


I am an associate professor and I work at Malmö University. My research is primarily concerned with the micro-level practices of transport policy and regional and local transport and spatial planning, often with policy, governance, implementation, and power as analytical themes. I am interested in how the actions of interested parties, their attitudes, expertise, and power relationships, influence transport system development and the potential for change. Much of my research is concerned with the development and evolution of sustainable transport systems and cities.

My public transport research focus on how public transport management and planning is carried out in fragmented institutional contexts, where public transport governance has turned into a key feature for the development of well-functioning public transport systems and cities. Institutional reforms in public transport in western Europe have made it more difficult to establish fully functioning public transport systems due to organisational fragmentation. This has resulted in coordination problems, for instance between public transport authorities, companies and local authorities. Examples include regional and local coordination in matters such as the integration of local land use and regional transport planning, and coordination between public authorities and private companies. My research in this area has sought to identify and analyse critical interfaces for effective coordination between the key organisations shaping the public transport system, and to develop policy recommendations that support coordination between those key organisations at critical interfaces.

I am the project manager for the K2 project: Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the early stages of planning processes – improved tools for navigating collaborative complexities and private sector rationalities.