Experimentation for sustainable transport? Risks, strengths, and governance implications

Kelsey Oldbury, Karolina Isaksson & Greg Marsden (Eds.), 2022.

The overarching ambition of this book is to generate dialogue between research and practice around the phenomenon of experimentation, its prospects, and limitations in terms of sustainable transport transformations. It seeks to communicate key insights, themes, and questions from current research for public actors with key roles in governing the transport system to reach goals of sustainable transport and mobility.

The book seeks to highlight and discuss the following questions:

  • What are the strengths of experimentation? What prospects can it bring for sustainable transport and mobility?
  • What are the limits of experimentation?
  • What can it not bring, and what are the risks involved?
  • What are the governance implications, in light of the need for a rapid transformation to sustainable transport and mobility systems?

To realise this aim we include chapters from researchers from Sweden and the UK researching various aspects of experimentation as well as key take aways from current research to practitioners.