Lina Berglund-Snodgrass


Lina Berglund-Snodgrass is a researcher and senior lecturer in urban planning at the department of landscape architecture, planning and management, SLU Alnarp. She is currently involved in research projects that address questions of changing roles for urban planning in urban testbeds and experiments as well as political dimensions of organising collaborative planning. During 2018-2019 she was a participant researcher in the K2-project "Does sustainable mobility require new roles for municipal planning?" which analyzed the role of municipal planning in urban development projects that experiment with smart mobility solutions. During the period 2020-2022 she is a participant researcher in the research project entitled: "Organization innovation: learning from pilots and testlabs" at K2. She is also the project leader of the K2 affiliated research project: “Pilots for transforming the transport sector through energy efficient buildings.”