Shaping Smart Mobility Futures: Governance and Policy Instruments in times of Sustainability Transitions

Editors Alexander Paulsson and Claus Hedegaard Sørensen, Emerald Publishing Limited, August 2020

Smart mobility includes automation, shared mobility services and other new forms of mobility made possible by digital technologies. This book argues that smart mobility will only be developed in a desired direction and fulfil global sustainability goals if it is steered in that direction. There is a vast body of literature on public policy and policy instruments, and there are many different conceptualisations and categorisations. Applying an open and broad approach, whereby a variety of policy instruments that are used to govern smart mobility are introduced and discussed, this book is ideal for both professionals and researchers. The book is organised into three parts: the first part explores why there is a need for policy instruments in relation to smart mobility, the second part examines how policy instruments are chosen and developed, and the third part explores what policy instruments are doing and what smart mobility is doing to them. Of the policy instruments used today, many focus on producing knowledge for governments and thereby making smart mobility governable. Because of the difficulties with implementing policy instruments that make the transport sector more sustainable, the book concludes by discussing in which ways citizen deliberation can breathe new life into the debate.