Lena Levin. Foto: Kennet Ruona
Lena Levin


Lena Levin is a senior researcher and research leader at VTI (Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute) and associate professor in Technology and Society affiliated with the Department of Traffic and Roads at Lund University of Technology, Lund University. She earned her doctorate in Communication studies from Linköping University in 2003. Since then, she has been conducting research on interaction, participation, and justice within the transport sector. Lena is an expert in the field of social impact assessment, with a focus on mobility and accessibility. She is involved in two major research projects at K2 on sustainable accessibility in public transport planning and accessibility for people with disabilities. She has also worked on gender equality and equity in international contexts, collaborating with gender researchers in the Nordic region and Europe, including the EU project TInnGO (H2020 #824349). Lena has published several books and articles. Additionally, she has a background as a journalist and has worked as a news reporter in daily newspapers.