A Simulation Model for Assessment and Evaluation of Bus Terminal Design

Therese Lindberg, Anders Peterson, Andreas Tapani. CASPT, 2018.

Interchange stations with their connections between modes and lines are
central for a high quality public transport system. Bus access at the station needs
to operate reliably and efficiently in order to prevent congestion and queues. Here,
a discrete event simulation model of vehicle movements and interactions at bus terminals is developed and implemented. The model has a modular approach, where
common spatial sections at terminals are represented by modules that can be combined into various terminal layouts. These modules describe the events a vehicle may
go through in a particular section of the terminal, such as arriving to a bus stop or
stopping at a traffic light at the exit. The model can be used in planning processes,
both for new terminals and redesign of existing ones, and is able to describe the detailed movements and interactions between vehicles that occur at larger terminals.
The model is tested in a numerical experiment representing Norrkoping interchange ¨
station in Sweden. The experiment shows that the model is able to evaluate and compare different scenarios and can thus be a useful tool in planning processes.

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