Modelling Commuting Activities for the Simulation of Demand Responsive Transport in Rural Areas

Sergei Dytckov, Fabian Lorig, Paul Davidsson, Johan Holmgren and Jan A Persson, International Conference on Vehicle Technology and Intelligent Transport Systems, November 2020

For the provision of efficient and high-quality public transport services in rural areas with a low population density, the introduction of Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services is reasonable. The optimal design of such services depends on various socio-demographical and environmental factors, which is why the use of simulation is feasible to support planning and decision-making processes. A key challenge for sound simulation results is the generation of realistic demand, i.e., requests for DRT journeys. In this paper, a method for modelling and simulating commuting activities is presented, which is based on statistical real-world data. It is applied to Sjöbo and Tomelilla, two rural municipalities in southern Sweden.

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