Future Public Mobility - The next step for sustainable travel

Rådslaget, 2022.

This report is aimed at decision-makers in parliament and government, or in local authorities and regions. We wrote it because now it is time for the next step in our transition to a society where travel is sustainable. One important element of this is to exploit the potential of public transport. But for that to happen, just doing more of the same will not be enough. We need to think new, we need to think bigger.

In this document, we set out a new vision that takes a broader and bolder approach, linking established public transport with new, shared mobility services. Together, they represent the future of public mobility. This vision and the proposals to achieve it have been developed within “Rådslaget”, an initiative launched during the pandemic and involving 80 or so experts working in public transport, new mobility services and urban development. In this work, we have joined forces around a framework that has brought various future horizons into view. We have drawn on research and the collective expertise, experience and ideas of experts. Our work complements other ongoing initiatives by placing greater emphasis on the importance of systemic change. Rådslaget has been implemented as an initiative within K2, the Swedish Knowledge Centre for Public Transport, and with financial support from the Swedish Transport Administration and Vinnova. The conclusions presented in this report summarise the results of a dynamic process involving many parties. The content does not necessarily reflect the views of all experts involved, the K2 partners or the other backers on various issues.

The pandemic showed us that when faced with a major challenge, society is capable of finding new solutions. We should use this insight to develop future public mobility in ways that contribute both to greater individual freedom, and to a society that is sustainable in the long term.

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K2 reports