Business intelligence, big and open data

Business intelligence is needed to support decision makers in public transport. It helps to take better decision faster, in order to improve for example service, performance or profitability. Data can make a difference in practically all areas, from operations management and transport planning, to policymaking and strategic decision-making. Yet today’s complexity and abundance of data can make it challenging for transport professionals to unlock the value of their data.

This course aims at providing an insight into the main principles, processes and tools to inform policy- and decision-makers accurately and to transform Big Data into results: identifying the broader strategic objectives and linking them to associated goals and success factors will eventually allow choosing the most accurate indicators and processing the right dashboards. In addition, the course will also look at the opportunities and value created by Open Data.

måndag, november 12, 2018 till onsdag, november 14, 2018
Bryssel, Belgien