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7th International Conference on Transportation and Traffic Engineering (ICTTE 2018)

The aim of conference is to provide a platform for researchers, scientists, developers, and practitioner to discuss the topics on transportation and traffic engineering and share state-of-art research results, for exploring new areas of research and development, and to discuss emerging issues in the fields of Transportation and Traffic Engineering with participants from all over the world, both from academia and from industry.

Beijing Union University, ChinaAnmäl dig här


Transportforum 2019

VTI anordnar Transportforum varje år sedan 1984. Konferensen, som är störst i sitt slag i Norden, vänder sig till såväl offentliga som privata aktörer inom transport och infrastruktur i Sverige. I centrum för konferensen står ny kunskap och ömsesidigt utbyte. Som deltagare på Transportforum kan du under två dagar välja mellan upp till ett 90-tal sessioner med flera hundra presentationer och workshops. Du får tillgång till den senaste kunskapen inom området och möjlighet att nätverka med övriga upp till 1 700 besökare på konferensen.

Linköping, SverigeAnmäl dig här


Transportation Research Board 98th Annual Meeting

The meeting program will cover all transportation modes, with more than 5,000 presentations in nearly 800 sessions and workshops, addressing topics of interest to policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions. 

Washington, USAAnmäl dig här


Revenue optimisation and marketing in public transport

This is a UITP course arrangement where the learning objectives are:

  • The importance of building a marketing and communication strategy around the customer
  • The necessity of a strong brand and image
  • Making Big Data analytics an integral part of building marketing excellence
  • Mastering digitalisation, in particular with social media and other communication channels
  • The implementation of an effective pricing strategy and action plan
  • The identification of secondary income sources (non-fare revenue)
Venedig, ItalienAnmäl dig här


MOVE 2019: Mobility Re-Imagined

MOVE will bring together disruptors, their technology and their attitude with stakeholders across all modes and disciplines: to dialogue, to create insight and to promote collaboration. We guarantee to be more expansive and multi-disciplined than any other event on the planet. New thinking and new action is required now because existing transportation paradigms are broken beyond repair and are often the cause of the problem, not the solution.

MOVE is a multi-faceted conference experience with over 280 sessions across eight tracks, providing the most comprehensive and cross-modal event on the planet. It is carefully curated by an experienced team who are plugged into a global network. Our presenters are disruptors and visionary industry leaders from all disciplines and modes. They are selected for their relevance, dynamism and insight.

London, UKAnmäl dig här


Sustainable Urban Mobility Congress - SUM Bio '19

This is the first edition of an international event that aims to lead a global reflection on the future of mobility and its impact on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the cities of the 21st century.

More than 40 speakers are expected to participate, who will address the main strategic aspects for the construction and consolidation of sustainable urban mobility systems, around three thematic axes:

  1. Public Policies and Strategies
  2. Technology and Innovation as Solution Providers
  3. Opportunities for Socio-economic Development
Bilbao, SpanienAnmäl dig här


Lean six sigma and cost management in public transport

In this UITP course the learning objectives are:

  • Learn about the main principles, processes and tools of lean management to use data and build an efficient system & organization to improve public transport and sustainable urban mobility in cities
  • Understand the importance of having a good organisation of process management and learn from best practice on implementing a management system
  • Learn from international best practices and exchange of knowledge on the optimal use of new process management tools
  • Learn how to use Lean, Six Sigma and 5S tools to implement cost efficient process in Public Transport
  • Apply through workshops the process of getting the right data, analyse the problems, create best solution for efficiency problems.
Bryssel, BelgienAnmäl dig här
Electric buses

In this UITP course the objectives are:

  • Introduce the electric solution, the different types of technologies and compare their benefits and drawbacks
  • Understand how to get value from electric buses looking at their economic, environmental and societal feasibility
  • Learn from experience on how to implement and run electric bus lines successfully
  • Understand the implications for operations and infrastructure
  • Learn about the implementation and running of electric buses in Madrid
Madrid, SpanienAnmäl dig här


Autonomous mobility

In this UITP course the learning objectives are:

  • Broaden your knowledge and perspective on the deployment and operation of autonomous vehicles by learning and sharing experience with professional leaders
  • Discuss the different possible use cases of Autonomous Vehicles becoming reality in cities and more particularly in public transport
  • Get inspired from strategies and research projects undertaken by public transport companies, cities and the industry
  • Learn from the industry and operators on the technology and the integration with public transport
Karlsruhe, TysklandAnmäl dig här


14th National Light Rail and Streetcar Conference

TRB and the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) are jointly sponsoring the 14th National Light Rail & Streetcar Conference on April 7-9, 2019 in Jersey City, New Jersey. The theme of this conference is "Resurgence and Renewal." The conference features at least two primary tracks, one dedicated to planning and the other dedicated to technical design and operations. An international panel discussion and technical tour of a light rail system will be included with the conference.

Jersey city, USA


Building leaders in urban transport

In this UITP and World Bank course the objectives are:

  • Diagnosing the key problems being faced by a city
  • Systematic approach to Integrated Mobility Planning
  • Corridor Management
  • Public Transport Planning and Evaluating Alternatives
  • Role of Government
  • Financing and PPP
Dubai, Förenade AraberimatenAnmäl dig här


On-demand buses and shared services

In this UITP course the learning objectives are:

  • Broaden your knowledge and widen your perspective on demand responsive transport by learning and sharing experience with professional leaders
  • Understand the suitability of demand responsive transport within a public transport network and its scenarios
  • Discuss the key ingredients for a successful deployment: from operational, infrastructure, technology and regulatory perspectives.
  • Get a hands-on experience by discussing during workshop the deployment of demand responsive vehicles
  • Learn from best practices in Asia, Africa and Europe
Stuttgart, TysklandAnmäl dig här


Kollektivtrafikdagen 2019 - Den nya kollektivtrafiken. Från kostnadsbomb till hållbara innovationer

Kostnaderna ökar för kollektivtrafiken. Varför och på bekostnad av vad i samhället? Vilken roll har RKM och vad gör politikerna? Hur kommer den nya kollektivtrafiken att se ut och fungera och vilka är framtidens resenärer? Kollektivtrafiken måste attrahera nya kunder. Nuvarande trafiksystem är ohållbart. Trängsel, underutnyttjande av trafikkapacitet, ökande kostnader och ett tilltagande klimatproblem. Vi måste påskynda utvecklingen mot en smartare kollektivtrafik. Det talas om en mobilitetsrevolution, men vilka driver utvecklingen mot en hållbar och innovativ kollektivtrafik?

Quality Hotel, Friends i Solna, StockholmAnmäl dig här


International Transport Forum Summit 2019

The Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum is the world's largest gathering of transport ministers and the premier global transport policy event.

Every May, ministers with responsibility for transport, business leaders, heads of international organisations, parliamentarians and policy makers, representatives of business associations and leading researchers meet for three days in Leipzig, Germany, to discuss the future of transport through the prism of a strategic topic.

Leipzig, TysklandAnmäl dig här


15th World Conference on Transportation Research

To facilitate the interchange of ideas between researchers working in the same area, WCTR has structured the topics into nine categories with a total of 35 session tracks. For many session tracks a close cooperation with partner journals is announced (with more to follow shortly), so that the best papers from the review track are expected to be published in leading peer-reviewed transportation journals after the Conference.

Mumbai, IndienAnmäl dig här


European Conference on Mobility Management (ECOMM)

The ECOMM has developed as THE meeting place for Mobility Management practitioners and experts all over Europe. ECOMM is a three day event with excursions, keynote speeches, an exhibition, 50-80 presentations and workshops and lots of opportunities for making new contacts.

Edinburgh, SkottlandAnmäl dig här


3rd Y2PTpt Global transport hackathon Stockholm 2019

After the success of the first two editions of the Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon series in Montreal 2017 and Dubai 2018, Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT) Foundation, with the support of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), its members and other stakeholders, and following the long-standing tradition of Y4PT Youth Lab series, is promoting the organization of local transport hackathons around the world during the 2018-2019 season, by combining the best of boundless human creativity and the benefits of current information and communications technologies (ICTs) in collaborative environments, with the aim of advancing transport sector towards sustainability.

Winners from each local transport hackathon will join other Sweden-based hackers at the 3rd Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon Stockholm 2019 ( http://www.y4pt.org/projects/hackathon ) in the framework of the 63rd UITP Global Public Transport Summit Stockholm 2019 – the world’s oldest, largest and leading sustainable transport event – to contest in a final round for unveiling the world’s best ground-breaking transport solutions.

Stockholm, SverigeAnmäl dig här


UITP Global Public Transport Summit

On 9-12 June 2019, the international public transport community, mobility decision-makers and industry suppliers will come together in Stockholm for the UITP Global Public Transport Summit. This unmissable event will feature a full programme of congress sessions and an outstanding exhibition.

StockholmAnmäl dig här


6th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP)

The European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) is the leading annual event for all those involved in putting the SUMP concept into practice.

Groningen, NederländernaAnmäl dig här


Velo-city 2019

European Cyclists’ Federation’s Velo-city series of conferences is widely considered as the global cycling summit, offering a great opportunity for sharing the experience, knowledge and expertise about the promotion of cycling worldwide. The conferences are designed to encourage cycling as part of daily transport and recreation.

Dublin, IrlandAnmäl dig här


23rd International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory (ISTTT)

The International Symposium on Transportation and Traffic Theory (ISTTT) series is the premier gathering for the world’s transportation and traffic theorists, and for those who are interested in contributing to or gaining a deeper understanding of transportation phenomena and systems. The Symposium covers all scientific, fundamental and methodological aspects of transportation systems spanning all modes of transport, while topics related to logistics, optimization, networks and new technologies are also welcome. Like its predecessors, ISTTT23 will keep an open mind about the scope of the conference and what constitutes transportation and traffic theory.

Lausanne, SchweizAnmäl dig här


6th International Conference on Women’s Issues in Transportation

The theme this year is  “Insights, Inclusion, and Impact: Framing the Future for Women in Transportation”.

Irvine, Kalifornien, USAAnmäl dig här


ITS Word Congress – 26th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems 2019: Smart Mobility, Empowering Cities
SingaporeAnmäl dig här


9th International Congress on Transportation Research

The spotlight theme of the 2019 Congress is: 'Transportation 4.0: The Smart Evolution'
The ICTR has been a major event in the field of transportation research for the past 15 years. Potential ICTR participants include the research and academic community, as well as the public and private sector involved in the development and implementation of innovative projects in the field of transport.

Aten, GreklandAnmäl dig här


The Transportation Research Board (TRB) 99th Annual Meeting
Washington, USAAnmäl dig här


TRA 2020. Rethinking transport - towards clean and inclusive mobility

TRA, The Transport Research Arena is the biggest European Research and Technology Conference on transport and mobility. In 2020 TRA is themed "Rethinking transport - towards clean and inclusive mobility" and brings together the experts from around the world to Helsinki to discuss the newest innovations and the future of mobility and transport.

Helsingfors, FinlandAnmäl dig här

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