Urban Transport 2020

The continuing requirement for better urban transport systems and the need for a healthier environment has added to the increasing success of this annual meeting which attracts international delegates from many different countries. Innovative systems, new approaches and original ideas need to be thoroughly tested and critically evaluated before they can be implemented in practice, which highlights the importance of the meeting. Moreover, there is a growing need for integration with telecommunications systems and IT applications in order to improve safety, security and efficiency. The meeting also addresses the need to solve important pollution problems associated with urban transport in order to achieve a healthier environment.

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Urban Growth 2020

The continuous growth of the urban population has recently given rise to the emergence of a new model which responds better to the challenges of natural resource depletion as well as waste management. This model has been called the “circular economy”.

The circular economy is a recent concept based on the reuse of what up to now has been considered wastes, reintroducing them into the production cycle. The objective of the circular economy is to reduce consumption and achieve savings in terms of raw materials, water and energy, thus contributing to the preservation of resources in order to reach sustainable development.

There is no possibility for the success of a long term economic policy without addressing the problems of natural resources and environmental pollution, which will affect the reuse of materials and products.

The current market economy based on a linear model from resource extraction, manufacturing, consumption and waste disposal, has not proved a long term suitable solution, in spite of the substantial efforts made in reducing its environmental impacts. This is largely due to the continuous population growth, in a society that demands high standards of living, thus requiring an ever-increasing share of natural resources

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InnoTrans 2020

InnoTrans is the leading international trade fair for transport technology and takes places every two years in Berlin. Sub-divided into the five trade fair segments Railway Technology, Railway Infrastructure, Public Transport, Interiors and Tunnel Construction, InnoTrans occupies all 41 halls available at Berlin Exhibition Grounds. The InnoTrans Convention, the event’s top-level supporting programme, complements the trade fair.

A unique feature of InnoTrans is its outdoor and track display area, where everything from tank wagons to high-speed trains are displayed on 3 500 metres of track.

Since 2016 InnoTrans offers vehicle manufacturers the possibility to demonstrate busses on a static display area and the adjacent Demonstration Course.

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Sustainable City 2020

Urban areas result in a series of environmental challenges varying from the consumption of natural resources and the subsequent generation of waste and pollution, contributing to the development of social and economic imbalances. As cities continue to grow all over the world, these problems tend to become more acute and require the development of new solutions.

The challenge of planning sustainable contemporary cities lies in considering the dynamics of urban systems, exchange of energy and matter, and the function and maintenance of ordered structures directly or indirectly supplied and maintained by natural systems. The task of researchers, aware of the complexity of the contemporary city, is to improve the capacity to manage human activities, pursuing welfare and prosperity in the urban environment. Any investigation or planning on a city ought to consider the relationships between the parts and their connections with the living world. The dynamics of its networks (flows of energy-matter, people, goods, information and other resources) are fundamental for an understanding of the evolving nature of today’s cities.

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Urban Mobility Days

The conference combines two leading events from Europe’s transport calendar: the CIVITAS Forum Conference and the European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). It will bring together policymakers, local authorities, academics, NGOs, urban transport practitioners, urban planners and all those putting the SUMP concept into practice. Over 600 attendees are expected to participate in Urban Mobility Days 2020.

Over the course of the three-day conference, delegates will feast on sustainable urban mobility success stories from the CIVITAS Living Labs projects - and other examples of pioneering excellence from Europe and further afield. These will equip attendees with inspiration, tools and know-how to further advance clean and sustainable transport in line with the European Green Deal.

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ITS World Congress 2020

The recent explosion of new technologies and new forms of mobility are transforming the future of transportation. At a time in which we are focused on moving people, data and freight, how will we prepare for a future that is increasingly more connected, autonomous, shared and electric? The technologies that make our roads safer will also reduce congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, and move us closer to a future of seamless mobility — one that is safer, greener and smarter.

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4th SmartBlueCity Euro-Mediterranean Conference 2020

Conference presentations will focus on four subthemes, namely:

  • Theme 1: The Future of Urban and Insular Communities under CC Conditions - Smart Developments for Empowering Planning Endeavours
  • Theme 2: Evolving Planning Challenges - Approaches, Tools, Technologies and Emerging Thematic Areas
  • Theme 3: Smart Cultural Heritage (CH) Management
  • Theme 4: MED in Transition - Strengthening Resilience to Chronic Stresses and Unexpected Events
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Persontrafik är en gemensam arena för hela branschen där samverkan och samarbete är en viktig del. Stort fokus ligger på teknikutveckling, service, säkerhet, kombinerad mobilitet och inte minst på kollektivtrafikens bidrag till ett hållbart samhälle och en hållbar stadsutveckling.

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2020 Annual Polis Conference

Following a record-breaking conference in Brussels, which brought together over 600 participants in November 2019, the 2020 Polis Annual Conference will take place in Arnhem-Nijmegen City Region, Netherlands, on 2-3 December 2020. 

The Polis Annual Conference provides an opportunity for cities and regions to showcase their transport achievements to a large audience of mobility experts, practitioners and decision-makers. There are several important dates to be aware of:

  • February 2020 - The call for exhibitors and sponsors will open
  • March 2020 - The call for speakers will open
  • June 2020 - Registration for the conference will open
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Evolve Arena

Through an amazing opening show, lectures from thought leaders, engaging panel debates, workshops, pitching stage, and networking, Evolve Arena provides you with information, inspiration and motivation to make a change.

We are facing several major changes: globalisation, urbanisation, climate change, changed demographics and digitalisation among others. Cities will play a key role in facing these changes in a way that safeguards the quality of life. Evolve Arena is about solving these challenges by thinking holistically and using new insights and technology in a smart and sustainable way. 

Decision-makers and innovators from businesses and the public sector will gather to provide new insights, business opportunities and a chance to grow a network. In 2020, the three key themes will be:

  • The Mobile City
  • The Circular City
  • The Human City
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