On the use of on-line services in transport simulation

Banafsheh Hajinasab, Paul Davidsson, Jan A. Persson, Johan Holmgren. Transportation Research Procedia, Vol. 21, 2017.

In this paper, we introduce a new approach for collecting data for transport simulation models that is using on-line services in order to outsource parts of the modeling and computation of simulation models. We describe our approach of using on-line services as part of a simulation model and we present our experiences of applying the approach to a case study using the ASIMUT model, where the travelers between two neighbour cities in Southern Sweden are modeled. The results from our case study shows that the use of on-line services for data collection in transport simulation can bring advantages to the simulation model, for example, in terms of reduced needs for modeling of the transport system as well as computation inside the simulation model and improved access to the most recent information. We also noticed some limitations, such as the inability to access to information regarding the future such as timetables and no control over data provided by third-party services. However, we argue that there are solutions for each of the identified limitations, and therefore we believe that the suggested approach might provide a unique opportunity for future transportation simulation models.

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